Subliminal360 Program Review: Make Your Own Subliminals

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Chances are you’ve heard about subliminal messages before, especially with them being used to influence people to buy products and think a certain way. There’s the decades-old example of subliminal messages / subliminals telling people to “Eat popcorn” and “Drink Coca-Cola.” There are also more recent examples of magazine advertisements containing certain words and images that aren’t readily noticeable.

I’ve been fascinated by the possibilities that using subliminals contains. I’ve studied their presence in marketing, entertainment, and speeches. They’re more widespread than I realized.

All those uses of subliminal messages have something in common. They fit someone else’s agenda and are not usually something I agree with. So, why not use subliminals in your favor? Now you can, and that’s what I will talk about in this review of the Subliminal360 program — the everything package. You can make your own subliminals. You can reprogram your mind and have fun while you’re at it.

Subliminal Messages: A Tool for Your Transformation

If you’re like me, then you desire to transform your life. And you’d like to use whatever tools you can to help bring about that transformation. Subliminal messages are a tool that can help you on that journey.

Achieving anything worthwhile comes down to confidence. You think you can. You believe you can. You know you can. Then it’s simply a matter of proving those thoughts, beliefs, and knowledge true.

Subliminals, both visual and audio, are a way to increase your confidence. As a tool of transformation, they can help drive you to keep taking action. You can use them throughout the day whenever you can. You can also use them while you’re sleeping.

And whenever you’re using your laptop or desktop computer, you can use Subliminal360 to flash subliminal messages on your screen. There are multiple categories and hundreds of sessions to choose from, or you can create your own. It’s up to you. There are plenty of options available to support you in your growth.

You can select up to five subliminal sessions at a time to flash on your screen. This can be sessions included with the program, your own custom sessions that you create, or a combination of the two.

Examples of Subliminal Messages You Could Use

I’ve given some examples below of subliminals that you could use in custom sessions in the Subliminal360 program.

Here is an all-purpose one I enjoy: “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.”

If you’re looking to release weight, then here are some statements you could use: “I look great naked. I have the body of my dreams. I eat healthy and feel better every day. I have healthy habits that support my success. I have a long and healthy life. I love the way I look. I love and accept myself. I enjoy the exercise that I do. I have the discipline of a champion. I am a champion.”

If you’re looking to increase your income, you could use wording like this: “I have and use multiple high-income skills. I earn in one month what I used to earn in one year. I use the seven buckets money system with great success. I have multiple sources of income. I am a money magnet. I save and invest wisely. My investments pay off in major ways. I invest in myself every day. As I grow personally and professionally, so does my net worth. I enjoy the lifestyle that my wealth affords me.”

If you’re looking to improve your relationships, you could use statements like these: “I have world-class friends that support me and my dreams. I support my world-class friends and their dreams. I have a healthy, thriving social network. I enjoy my family, and my family enjoys me. I travel the world with those I love. I give generously and receive generously. My millionaire mentors help show me what’s possible. My millionaire mentors help me turn my dreams into reality. I vastly improve other people’s lives. I am a beacon of light.”

You can have as many statements as you want in each subliminal session. And you can also add images.

This customization feature is worth going into further detail about.

Imagine Your Ideal Life Flashing Before Your Eyes

The usual reference for “My life flashed before my eyes” is about seeing what happened in the past when someone faces a life-threatening situation.

In this case, though, I’m referring to seeing images from the future. You can use Subliminal360 to flash images from your future life, your ideal life. In other words, you can create your own digital Vision Board and have it secretly show you however many images per second.

“Believing is seeing.” – Bob Proctor

Rather than creating physical Vision Boards that you might not look at, you can create a digital Vision Board that flashes before your eyes whenever you use your laptop or desktop computer.

You can add images to any custom sessions of subliminal messages that you create.

And you can customize the appearance of the subliminal messages, too. You can set the background color of the messages to transparent, the visibility all the way to the left — which makes the messages practically invisible, the duration to very quick, the interval to a very short pause, and the location of the messages to random on the screen.

Of course, you can also have the settings to the point where you noticeably see what the messages and the images are that are flashing by. I’ve used both extremes. I prefer the settings in the previous paragraph.

There is a visual component with the written statements in Subliminal360. And there is also the audio component with the verbal statements in the program. That’s another element of the customization you can apply for reprogramming the software of your mind.

Create Your Own Subliminal Audios

I keep referring to how customizable Subliminal360 is since that’s the biggest drawing point for me. And it’s amazing how much is included in the program, too.

You get multiple categories with hundreds of subliminal messages to choose from. You can create your own custom sessions, and you can add images as well.

You can also create your own subliminal audios. You start by typing in the messages that you want to record. Then you record those messages. I’ve done that with my microphone. Then you select the background audio you want to use. After that, Subliminal360 will combine all the elements and create your own subliminal audio.

You can create however many subliminal audios you want for any purpose.

I’ve listened to my subliminal audios at various times, including when I’m sleeping. When I have them turned up high enough, I can hear my voice in the background and make out what I’m saying. The background audio is more noticeable than my voice is.

During the audio, the words I recorded myself saying are played at different speeds, including regular and faster speeds. It makes for a more immersive experience.

What Else Is Included With Subliminal360

You will also get the entire Brain Hacker Brainwave library. These are meditation audios where you listen to the sounds, and your brainwaves will align with what you’re listening to. Such a feature makes sense, considering that this is from the makers of the Zen12 meditation program.

The Brain Hacker Brainwave library includes 26 audios, each for a different purpose. You can listen to them to help you sleep, boost your energy, increase your focus, and for many other purposes.

I’ve listened to Brain Hacker various times, including while working. You can set it and forget it at least until it’s time to repeat an audio or select another one. There are no guided meditations here. Simply sophisticated sound technology to help you get through the day or the night, better than you might have otherwise.

Start Reprogramming Your Mind Today

If you want to take charge of reprogramming your mind or if you’ve already started reprogramming your mind, then I recommend adding Subliminal360 as a tool for doing that.

Imagine a new you. A calmer, happier, more peaceful you. A you that handles life’s challenges with greater patience and wisdom. A you that, in the best possible way, you wouldn’t be able to recognize.

Go ahead and try out the Subliminal360 program.

You’ll get up to 350 subliminal sessions with up to 4,000 subliminal messages to choose from. You’ll get the entire Brain Hacker Brainwave Library of 26 audios.

Plus, you’ll be able to create custom subliminal sessions, both visual and audio. This is where you can take charge of your personal growth. You get to be in the driver’s seat of your life. You get to be the main character in your own story.

Subliminal360 includes a one-year money-back guarantee. If you consistently use all those features I’ve told you about and decide that Subliminal360 isn’t for you, then you can get your money back.

Also, with the voucher code on the Subliminal360 website with the time-limited special offer, you can get the entire Subliminal360 everything package for a further discount.

A whole new world of reprogramming the software of your mind is waiting for you. Your future starts today. Get Subliminal360 now.

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