A Message for Men from a Son

Imagine this scenario. You’re newly married, and you’ve just gotten your wife pregnant. Only thing is, the two of you never discussed beforehand if you even wanted to be parents.

So, What Do You Do?

After all, you never got a vasectomy. You didn’t use a condom. And you didn’t pull out in time. You also didn’t use any of the other birth control methods for men. It’s on you. You’re the man. You’re the one who got your wife pregnant. She couldn’t have gotten pregnant without you.

Do you accept the consequences of your actions and take on the role of a responsible father? Or do you tell your wife about herbs she can take to cause a miscarriage?

Of course, if you’re my dad, you choose the second option. That doesn’t go well, to say the least. Your wife starts sleeping in a different room than you. And soon after, she moves far away back to her home town. You never see her again.

Your son is born, and you never meet him. Your wife divorces you. And the court grants sole custody and sole access of your son to your ex-wife.

You are required to pay child support, but you want to make sure that the child is really yours. The paternity test comes back positive. You are the child’s father, and you go on to pay child support faithfully every month until your son turns 18. And then you die two months after your son’s 18th birthday, as if you no longer had a reason to live.

Your son doesn’t find out about your death until many years later. His entire life has been shaped by your absence.

Split seconds lost lead to lifetimes of consequence. Your lifetime and now your son’s lifetime.

Which Brings Us to Today…

One of the driving forces of my life is seeing what I can do to keep men from going through what my dad went through and what I’ve gone through.

That’s why I’m writing my upcoming book “Fatherhood? A Conscious Choice.”

As my dad did, I also got married and divorced. Just like my parents, my ex-wife and I ultimately didn’t agree about having children. She wants to be a mom, and I’m child-free by choice. We had other reasons to break up though.

Where I’m different from my dad is that I’ve applied the 6 Birth Control Methods for Men. As I’m writing my book, I’ve created a framework for teaching and applying those birth control methods.

A great thing about these methods is that they work whether you’re child-free by choice or whether you really do want to be a dad.

Another thing I’ve discovered while writing my book is how many types of children there are besides biological children. There are certainly more types than I realized, and that really expands the possibilities for you if you do want to be a dad.

Some of the types of children include:
• biological children;
• stepchildren;
• adopted children;
• foster children; and
• surrogate children.

There are more types of children than that, but these examples are enough to get the idea that you are not limited to having biological children only or even having any biological children.

Without having your own biological children, you could be freed up to help take care of the countless children we already have on this planet that aren’t being kept safe or provided for or taken care of well enough in any number of ways. You could be the dad they need – if you’re willing to be a dad.

Think of It This Way.

My dad paid $200.00 a month in child support until I was 18. Now that might not sound much like much these days, but keep in mind that was many years ago and the amount of child support is dependent upon what the father’s income is.

$200.00 a month equals $2,400.00 a year. $2,400.00 a year for 18 years equals $43,200.00.


Yes, that’s spread out over 18 years, but consider how much of a savings you would have if you didn’t get any women pregnant. That’s $43,200.00 you could apply to who knows what else.

If you’re child-free by choice, then that’s $43,200.00 you could use for your own improvement. Perhaps that would help you set up a lasting legacy to affect many people for good.

Or if you want to be a dad, then that’s $43,200.00 you could use to help raise, take care of, protect, and provide for any of the other types of children that there are, which includes:
• stepchildren;
• adopted children;
• foster children; and
• surrogate children.

I’ve worked in the legal services industry for many years, and I’ve seen child support be much, much higher than $200.00 a month. For an example of a higher amount for child support, some fathers have had to pay $2,000.00 a month. That’s $24,000.00 a year in child support!

$24,000.00 a year for 18 years equals $432,000.00…

And that’s not even factoring in paying child support until the child or children have completed post-secondary education. If you’ve got a child training to be a doctor, isn’t that up to another 10 years of paying child support?

Now you see how it can be so expensive to be a father, especially a biological father. And that’s without getting into the other high costs of having children.

What Are Some of Those High Costs?

How about the biggest one of them all to start with?

No matter who you are, no matter what you do, no matter how great of a father you are, your child or children might resent you, blame you, hate you, block you out of their lives, disappoint you, disrespect you, steal from you, and all around make your life a living hell. And that’s if they get to be in your life in the first place.

If you’re like my dad, you might never meet your children. That’s a high cost all on its own.

Another high cost of having children includes going through break ups for any number of reasons, including:
• you and the woman disagreeing about having or not having children;
• the financial strain of raising children taking a relationship past the breaking point;
• breaking up because of the tragic death of a child; and
• breaking up because of disagreements about how to raise children.

Life isn’t easy when you’re raising children. You may or may not experience the high costs of:
• divorce;
• custody and access;
• broken families;
• heartbreak;
• the financial cost;
• the relationship cost;
• the emotional cost;
• being taken for granted;
• being treated like a bank machine;
• the loss of freedom; and
• the lower quality of life.

It’s Not Too Late for You.

You can still live on your own terms. You can learn and apply the 6 Birth Control Methods for Men.

I’ve applied all the methods, and they’ve been 100% effective for me. Apply them correctly, and they could be 100% effective for you, too. The 6 Birth Control Methods for Men can save you money, give you peace of mind, and allow you to build the life of your dreams.

You can be child-free by choice, or you can be a dad for any of the many different types of children that there are. Either way, birth control for men plays a factor in both paths.

Are you committed to having freedom and living life on your terms?

I’m thinking about creating a new training on the 6 Birth Control Methods for Men.

If this is something you’d pay to be a part of, reply to this post and say “YES!”

I will also be sharing this post elsewhere.

If I get enough responses, I’ll do it. If I don’t, then it will be a no-go.

You are greater than you think, stronger than you know, and more powerful than you realize.

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Learn and Apply the 6 Birth Control Methods for Men,

James Barnett

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