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Welcome to GiantsWithin.com

The purpose of this website is to create a learning space to discover who we truly are and the unlimited potential that we each have within, and also to convert these discoveries into definite actions and results.

Personal development programs / courses, books, retreats, metaphysics, and quantum physics are among the various modalities which facilitate the quest for the giants within each of us. We each carry within ourselves unlimited possibilities for who we can be, who we can impact, and what we can accomplish. I will share my reviews and reflections on what I’ve learned through certain self-development programs / courses and other methods, including life experiences.

I’m here to spark your interest in transforming your life to live according to your heart’s desire by activating your inner strength.


I’m James Barnett. My passion for personal development and professional development has led to creating this website as one of multiple outlets for letting my voice be heard and for encouraging others to let their voices be heard as well.

I’ve had the opportunity to provide leadership and healing to myself and to others. Some of those experiences have been the greatest of my entire life. I’ve had the honor of seeing countless times the common bonds that connect us all. No one is ever truly alone, even though it can look that way sometimes. Appearances can be deceiving, and it really helps to be able to see beyond the barriers that appear to hold us back and separate us from each other and from making our dreams come true.

In my case, I’ve spent so much of my life by myself. My parents were separated before I was born. I never met my dad. He died when I was 18. My mom was a single parent, and I’m an only child. I didn’t usually have friends growing up, so I volunteered to take on extra homework in elementary school and in high school just to have something to do. It simply became an automatic thing to occupy myself as a boy and also as a man with solitary activities. Reading is one of my time-honored hobbies. So much so that I’m much more likely to book surf rather than channel surf.

Yet, of course, even I have to admit that relationships are all we have in life. I’ve come to realize that I’ve truly had a blessed life. It wasn’t exactly what I’ve wanted, but it’s been exactly what I’ve needed. For example, I’ve noticed myself reminiscing about many, many happy memories that I’ve had with my mom and with my grandma. It’s amazing the perspective that I’ve gained as I’ve gotten older.

I’ve been giving myself permission to love myself and to accept myself as I am. It’s a gradual process, but it’s so necessary. I’m the only constant that I have throughout my life, so I’d better enjoy my own company. I know that I chose my life to be how it is, and it’s when I’m happy where I am that I give myself the power to be happy anywhere and at any time.

Now I know that it’s best to take care of myself first. It’s the old oxygen mask on the airplane example. Make sure that you can breathe well enough first, and then you can properly help others.

I believe very much in education, and I believe that education can be found anywhere in life, in every day and in every way. You just have to have your eyes and your ears open so you can be ready to see and hear the learning opportunities that are constantly around you.

I know that as I help others become aware of the giants they really are that I will also become more aware of the giant I really am. It is in giving that I receive. Whatever will help with personal growth, professional growth, and other kinds of positive growth, there is a chance that I will share about it on this website. I have lots of material to get to, and I’m open to your suggestions as well for what you’d like me to talk about.


Yes, the rising tide raises all boats. It’s this basic principle that explains my driving purpose in life. My purpose could be considered a healthy selfishness. To reference Zig Ziglar’s most famous quote, When I help enough people get what they want, then I get what I want. A life filled with massive inspired action, achieved goals, and realized dreams is a life well worth having. And it’s even more exciting when other people have great results in their lives, too. Success enjoys company, and I want lots of company. It’s as simple as that.


This website is one of my ways of participating in humanity awakening to something far beyond where we’ve been. I will share wisdom and help you be the best you can be. That is my intention, and that is my purpose.

If you ever need help or have any questions, feel free to comment below, and I’ll do my best to accommodate any requests or questions that you might have. I look forward to sharing the journey of life with you.

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Until next time,

James Barnett


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4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I can so relate to your article. Two incredibly beautiful quotes from your article below:

    “I know that as I help others become aware of the giants they really are that I will also become more aware of the giant I really am. It is in giving that I receive.” “When I help enough people get what they want, then I get what I want.”

    I have also been a giver all my life, which can be very rewarding, and what you sow, you will reap. However, I also recognize the fact that you mentioned in your article that you should remember to also be on the lookout for yourself, taking care of yourself in the process.

    Many thanks for such a deep, inspiring, and motivational post! If there was a subscribe button, I would subscribe!

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