Always There lyrics / poem by James Barnett

Where is the connection
That I used to have
Where is the connection
That I used to feel
Did it gradually fade away
Or did it disappear all at once
If I look beneath the surface
I could find that
The connection is always there

Has loneliness been my friend
I’ve been by myself
Among thousands of people
As they all went the other way
And it was warm enough at night
Have I worn loneliness as my blanket
Perhaps unwilling to leave
That supposed security

Have I had the courage
To see the divinity within people
They are made of love
And there are countless times
When that couldn’t be clearer
Still I keep moving away
And there’s been what
Feels like too many goodbyes

I have had some friends
What is it like for me to be friendly
Am I a lonely wanderer
I’ve wondered what I’m searching for
The connection is always there
It’s too big of a planet
To get to be with everyone all at once
Oh, am I to let it go
This anguish within my soul

I’ve been looking for a brighter day
Could it be that the sun’s getting brighter
As it keeps on shining
Does it build up to bring forth
A flash of awareness
What can such life be like
On the other side of that awareness
The connection is always there


I wrote the “Always There” lyrics / poem on May 22, 2021. That was two days before I moved across Canada, away from friends and co-workers so I could spend some time with my mom for an extended visit.

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Until next time,

James Barnett

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