Heaven Through Your Eyes lyrics / poem by James Barnett

I see heaven through your eyes
You communicate paradise to me
With the patience of an angel
You keep setting me free
You help build me up to be a better man
And I keep doing the best that I can

You enhance my dream
Strengthen my will
And stimulate my creativity
For you, I let go of my fear
Of my false belief that I am not enough
With you, I am transforming
To become the giant within
You are the muse
For my success and creation

I see love and tenderness in your eyes
In them, blue skies
Ocean waves and golden sun dance
In eyes, awakening soul
And wisdom speak

In your eyes, I see the reflection of myself
As perfect, whole, and complete

I expand my belief in endless possibilities
I call upon wealth and abundance
From the blackness space
I give my all to recreate
The heaven in your eyes to reality
The desire to please you is the drive
For my power, invention, and success


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Until next time,

James Barnett

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