Life of Wisdom lyrics / poem by James Barnett

I’ve been locked in my fortress
Where I’ve had solitude
I may not be from Krypton
But I still have had to get away
I’ve had much time to think
And much time to pray
What would you have me do, oh God
What path is my life to take
What glory do I live for your sake

I’m here to seek your guidance
I’ve made a mess of things on my own
I’m asking for your wisdom
And that I stay on the wisest path
For all the rest of my days
What a fool I’ve been
Could those crazy days be over now
Life has been a struggle
When I’ve ignored your voice
That’s the choice I’ve had
Do I listen or rebel

Thank you for your patience
I don’t know how I’ve lasted this long
Except by your constant grace
You’ve seen fit to keep me around
I’ve made mistakes again and again
Mistakes that don’t need repeating
What would a life of wisdom be like
I am curious about that to no end
Will you satisfy my curiosity
How is my life to be

Wisdom cries out
She has so much to give
She wants me to embrace her
Wisdom has always been here
Has always been available
Oh, what would it be like to know her
A life filled with wisdom
Is the greatest life of all
My greatest prayer is to have such a life
Oh God, would you grant me that

Would life be smoother with wisdom
And would I be strong enough
To handle anything that comes along
How do I imagine something
That’s so far beyond where I’ve been
Even if I have the faintest clue
Is it enough to bring that life about

Once more with feeling
Where are the positive emotions
That I seem to require
To keep on going through to win
It is wisdom to connect with my heart
The answers are contained within
I can take a break
From the seeking questions
And listen carefully for the wise answers
Oh, could that be what
I’ve always needed to do
And then to act on what’s true

Wisdom cries out in my heart
That’s where I can find her
She has always been there
Crying out for me to listen
Embrace her dearly
She could be a best friend
Who knows where life can go
When I follow her way
The way of wisdom
Ooh, the way of wisdom


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Until next time,

James Barnett

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