What Places Are You Going to in Your Life?

Dear Traveller,

You’re always going places, even if you’re spinning in circles. Think over your own life as you read these song lyrics. What places are you going to in your life? What patterns, both healthy and unhealthy, have you got? What needs to change, and what are you already doing well?

“Going Places” lyrics / poem by James Barnett

Dead end
Not another one again
I keep trusting the wrong people
It’s been my form of insanity
I’ve spurned the ones
That could actually help
And embraced the ones that hurt me
It’s been my pattern
Through the decades
How could I have been so foolish
For someone that could be known for wisdom
I’ve surely shown the opposite

I’m going places
Even if I’m spinning in circles
And that’s the way
It’s been for so long
Oh, how much longer
I’ve stumbled around in obscurity
Working away in the fields of misery
Got so much to give to the right ones
Got to be in the right environments
With the ones who respect me
And the gifts I have to share
There are ones who really care
Those are the ones to embrace

Searching for the high quality people
Who will raise me on their shoulders
And support my dreams to fruition
I know I can be that kind of person, too
A world class mentor
A leader of leaders
I want the world to laugh and sing
Embrace the healing power
Of comedy and music
Our differences can bring us together
We’ve got a lot of work to do
Yet we’re closer than we think
Our future is here for us to see
It belongs to you and me

Life operates in cycles
Day and night
Summer and winter
Spring and fall
We go through it all
Birth, growth, and death
Each season has its start and ending
For activity and rest
It helps to see I’m blessed
And that you are, too

Each day brings lessons of its own
Do we learn or do we moan
The task is there if we can bear it
Our backs get stronger or they break
Oh, how much can we take
The joy in living comes
From giving and receiving
Love, respect, and happiness
Super wealth and gratitude
What you get is up to you
From what you’re giving


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Until next time,

James Barnett

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