Zen12 Meditation Program Review: And You Were Wondering How to Meditate


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Here are some benefits of meditating regularly:

  1. A calmer mind with decreased anxiety;
  2. Falling asleep more easily;
  3. Lower blood pressure;
  4. A feeling of greater strength;
  5. Clearer, focused thinking;
  6. Increased self-acceptance;
  7. Relief from depression;
  8. Improved relationships; and
  9. Expanded creativity.

Meditation makes those benefits available to you. All of that and more can be yours.

The only question is: How?

Introducing the Zen12 Meditation Program. If you were wondering how to meditate, you came to the right place.

Your Past Doesn’t Have to Equal Your Future

If you’re like me, then you’ve tried to meditate before. And usually, it didn’t work. You either couldn’t focus enough or couldn’t stay awake. I’ve been there, and it wasn’t fun. Things looked hopeless. It didn’t seem like I wasn’t going to figure out the whole meditation thing.

I was stuck there for many years. Successful meditation seemed completely out of reach. I had some positive results occasionally, but it wasn’t consistent or predictably reliable.

It was discouraging, the idea that I couldn’t get further than where I was. I needed help. How could I reach deep meditation and achieve the same great results I’d heard about?

I didn’t stay stuck where I was; you don’t have to either.

Discover the Latest in Meditation Technology

I found out about Zen12 and wanted to learn more. The program claims to do the meditating for you. And indeed, it does.

How does it do that?

Zen12 goes along with the natural operation of the brain. The brain is designed to duplicate whatever frequencies it’s introduced to. If you hear a frequency that causes fear, your brain will copy that, and typically you’ll feel fear. It works the other way as well. If you hear a frequency that soothes and calms you, your brain will copy that, and you’ll feel peace and love.

This phenomenon is known as brainwave entrainment. In this case, entrainment is simply another word for synchronization. The normal state of affairs is that you’re constantly experiencing this and haven’t been aware of what’s happening.

With Zen12, you are intentional about the frequencies your brain copies. The program includes frequencies that allow you to enter deep meditation in as little as 12 minutes. All you have to do is listen, and your brain naturally follows.

12 Months to a New You

Zen12 is a 12-month program that can turn you from a beginner to an advanced meditator. There are 12 levels, 1 level for each month. Each progressive level takes you deeper into meditation than the one before it.

The beginner levels are 12 minutes each, which is how Zen12 got its name. The advanced levels go up to 16 minutes and then 20 minutes. Once you’ve reached level 12, you can keep using that level for the rest of your life.

Four options are included in each level:

  1. Guided Meditation;
  2. Relaxation Music;
  3. Sounds of Nature; and
  4. White Noise.

You can use them all or stick to your favorites. I used all of them at each level. You could use a different one each week or switch to a different one each day. It’s up to you.

My Experience with Zen12

I discovered Zen12 years ago, recently after the end of a long-term relationship. I was a wreck and didn’t have enough perspective yet to see that the breakup was for the best. I was still in the mourning phase over the death of the relationship.

I needed a way to calm myself and find inner peace. I needed a source of those benefits that I listed at the beginning of this post.

So, I chose to use Zen12 and commit to the full 12 months. I was confident that it would be helpful, both in my recovery and for the rest of my life.

I was right.

I worked my way through all the levels, from 1 – 12. I cherished every bit of progress I made along the way and eagerly anticipated what the next level would be like.

Zen12 didn’t disappoint. It’s one of the best investments in myself that I’ve ever made. Whatever skepticism I may have had faded along the way as I saw how helpful and beneficial it was.

I still use Zen12. It’s been over a year since I completed the 12-month program. I keep using level 12.

For example, I used it when I started writing this post and while I slept.

I’ve enjoyed Zen12 so much that I’ll listen to more than one track at a time, and then I’ll have it on repeat. I create multiple playlists with it, and I know I don’t have to limit myself to only 20 minutes. I can be in a state of bliss and focus for as long as I want.

That’s freedom. This freedom can be yours, too.

Your Future Starts Now

I found out about Zen12 similarly to how you’re finding out about it now. Someone else online introduced me to it. And I’m grateful that they did.

Imagine a new you. A calmer, happier, more peaceful you. A you that handles life’s challenges with greater patience and wisdom. A you that, in the best possible way, you wouldn’t be able to recognize. That can be you 12 months from now.

But only if you accept the invitation that I’m extending to you…

Go ahead and try out the Zen12 Meditation Program.

You’ll get 4 meditation audios in each of the 12 levels. That’s a total of 48 meditation audios for you to choose from as you go on your journey of inner peace and finding your zen.

Zen12 includes a one-year money-back guarantee. If you go through all 12 levels and decide that Zen12 isn’t for you, you can get your money back.

Also, with the voucher code on the Zen12 website with the time-limited special offer, you could get Zen12 for the same price I got over two years ago.

A whole new world of meditation is waiting for you. Your future starts today. Get Zen12 now.

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James Barnett

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