Collective, Impromptu Love Letter

My girlfriend and I have been away from each other for over 8.5 months. I got to return to Canada to take care of some personal matters, and she stayed in Portugal to take care of our two cats.

At the same time, we both decided to apply for the resident permit in Portugal because of various factors including higher quality food, lower cost of living, nicer weather, the proximity to many countries for travelling, and a more relaxed lifestyle.

While I have been away from my girlfriend, we have had daily calls and other constant contact. We are collaborating on writing projects and financial planning. We are making the most of our time apart until I am able to return to Portugal with a residency visa.

We share a Google Doc where we work on projects together. I started writing a love letter to her, and I had only done the first three lines. I went to sleep, and when my girlfriend saw it, she spontaneously added to it. I woke up to see many more lines, and during our next call, we worked together on completing it. She recommended that we share it here, and I agreed. What started out as private gets to be public.

An individual needs to know their mission / their calling in life, their “Why.” Likewise, a couple also needs to know why they are together and what they could do together that they would be unable to do on their own. If a couple lived up to their common goals and growth direction, that would eliminate a lot of power struggles and dominating tendencies in relationships. Instead, they can reserve all their energy for love, and create something meaningful and impactful for the world.

Here is what we refer to as a collective, impromptu love letter. It’s the fruition of collaborating together for creative purposes.

“A Private Love Letter from Me to You”

We’re here to love and be loved
We’ve got something special between us
We have loved each other for thousands of years
We’ve come back to catch up on our lost time
Disagreement, arguments, tears, and separation
Could not keep us away from each other
Regardless of our struggle, we keep bonding more
The stronger we resist, the stronger we catapult toward each other

Our union is not to take lightly
Our togetherness could have been destined for a higher purpose
Our curiosity and our connection keeps driving us forward
And our commitment has lasted down through the ages
Two hearts beat as one, separate but not apart
Our unity keeps our bond everlasting
The warmth of the love we have found in each other
Blossoms into creativity through security with inner gifts
From our union, something great and meaningful is being brought forward

Two old souls found each other in the darkness of human bondage
We are destined to be the light of the world
We combine the pearls within us
To leave a legacy for awakening giants
We are overwhelmingly grateful
For having found each other’s love through the passage of time
Our love has transformed us into vessels of blessings for humanity
We are wisdom and love embodied in human form
Divinity courses through our veins and lights up our every thought

Together we learn our final lessons here on earth
And we are focusing on fulfilling our missions
Then we are ready to advance to higher densities and ultimately return to Source
We experienced enough human emotions and suffering that there is no need for more
We lift up our eyes and open our hearts to welcome our new beginning
We are meant to run the course and finish the race in all glory and victory
In the end, we hold each other’s hand and walk toward the light without regret


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Until next time,

James Barnett

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