Company in a Moment of Solitude

Now and then, I’ve heard a voice come through clearly. Not an audible voice. An inner voice. One that encourages me to listen to it on a regular basis. One that can be all too easy to forget and ignore.

Earlier this month, I heard the voice ask me a question, and that led to the following conversation…

Company in a Moment of Solitude

A Voice: When are you gonna stop feeling sorry for yourself?

Me: Right after I’m dead.

A Voice: Isn’t it exhausting going through life like that?

Me: Of course it is. I sure would love to know what I’m really here for in this lifetime. Without that spark, it’s like I’m already dead.

A Voice: Then it’s already time to stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Me: What would that even look like?

A Voice: You tell me. I’m a voice in your head so you have someone to talk to in this moment of solitude. Listen to your heart. What does your heart say?

Me: My heart tells me that I make mistakes and that it’s okay to make mistakes. Mistakes are the only way to learn, either from my own or from someone else’s.

A Voice: What else does your heart say?

Me: That I need to listen to it a lot more, that it knows what I’m here for, and that it’s safe to venture into the unknown. Who are you really, besides a voice in my head to keep me company?

A Voice: I am your heart. Pleased to meet you. I’ve been here with you the whole time.

Me: Why couldn’t I hear you before?

A Voice (My Heart): Oh, you have heard me now and then. The trouble is that other voices have been too loud. You need moments of solitude like this to hear me best. I am the still, small voice you read about once upon a time.

Me: Back when I was a boy and I believed that anything is possible. What happened to that strong faith I once had?

My Heart: You stopped listening to me. You became resigned and cynical, as if that’s the natural path for someone to take as they get older.

Me: Is there still hope for me?

My Heart: You’re still breathing, aren’t you?

Me: Thank you, my heart. I enjoy our talks.

My Heart: I’ve missed you, too, more than you realize.

Me: I have hope. I will listen to you again.

My Heart: Even though you’re no longer a boy?

Me: Especially because I’m no longer a boy! I need you now more than ever!


Yes, the inner voice is my heart. There are countless times where my heart has spoken so clearly and I have done the opposite of what it advised. Of course I suffered for my stubbornness. My heart has always known best.

My Heart / Your Heart: I am the still, small voice that guides you. I help keep you safe from harm. Whenever you connect with me, you are truly alive.

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Until next time,

James Barnett

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