Faith Is Like a Muscle. You’ve Got to Exercise It to Make It Stronger

Me: I don’t trust my own voice.

My Heart: That is an extremely common problem to have. You don’t want to stand out. You don’t want to look like a fool. You don’t trust yourself.

Me: I don’t see the value of what I have to say. I consider that others have already said something far better than I ever could.

My Heart: So you wonder what the point is of saying anything. No wonder you’ve been called quiet.

Me: No wonder I’ve been silent.

My Heart: You don’t have to stay that way. Remember what your life path is.

Me: Yes, the communicator. I have a voice. I’ve been the one to keep it quiet. I’ve been the one to silence my voice. No one else has done that except for me.

My Heart: At least you recognize your responsibility in the matter. You’re not blaming anyone else for how you’ve chosen to show up.

Me: Or not show up, as the case may be.

My Heart: Faith is like a muscle. You’ve got to exercise it to make it stronger.

Me: How do I exercise my faith?

My Heart: Use your voice, consistently and without concern for whatever results there may or may not be. It is only with using your voice that you learn to trust yourself and your voice. I’m not promising that anything will be easy.

Me: Is anything easy worth doing?

My Heart: That’s a matter for debate. What would happen if you learn to ignore the doubts that come to the surface whenever you write or even think about writing?

Me: Would ignoring the doubts be enough?

My Heart: It’s a start. You could use other strategies later on. For now and for the near future, turn down the volume on the doubts and turn up the volume on your determination. Remember that? When you’ve been determined enough, you’ve gotten out of your own way and accomplished what you set out to do. Wouldn’t it be great to be like that again?

Me: Of course it would be. I had the faith of a child in those times.

My Heart: Such faith is available for you again. There’s no need for you to ever let that faith go. Hold on to it like your life depends on it — because it does.

Me: Keep hold of life-saving child-like faith and use it as fuel to push me on past the doubts that surface whenever it’s time to express my voice. Do I have that right?

My Heart: You do. Now go forth and make me proud.


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James Barnett

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