Where to Find the Comfort You’ve Been Seeking

My Heart: Are you looking for comfort?

Me: It would help, yes.

My Heart: What troubles you?

Me: The central issue of why I’ve avoided being connected with you, my heart.

My Heart: The avoidance of connection with me for so much of your life.

Me: I remember a period of time when I felt numb. I couldn’t feel anything.

My Heart: You wanted to feel anything again, even if it was pain.

Me: I’ve often thought that being connected with you would automatically mean I would be too vulnerable to pain.

My Heart: Did you forget that you’d also be much more open to love?

Me: I have often forgotten that, yes. Avoiding pain is a much bigger motivator than gaining pleasure.

My Heart: Why have you acted like you’re a scared, defenseless little boy? For you, the past has not been a distant memory. It’s been as present as your next heart beat.

Me: What does it take to get past these reflexes of treating the past as being more real than the present and the future? Is there a once-and-for-all cure?

My Heart: Perhaps with enough practice, you will learn to see yourself differently. You are not who you once were. You have moved on from that. It’s your mind that keeps you in the past, so be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

Me: How?

My Heart: Once you make the choice to move on into your present and your future, you will automatically know how. If you’re asking me how, it’s because you haven’t made that choice yet. You’re not determined enough.

Me: This reminds me of so many times where I thought there wasn’t a solution to a problem I was facing. Then as soon as I changed my mind and told myself that there is a solution, a solution appeared. Sometimes instantly, I would automatically know what to do.

My Heart: The same principle applies here. Admit to yourself that it’s safe to be connected with me, and your new viewpoint will be proven true. I will provide you with evidence to back up your new reality. Eventually, you will look for the evidence and you will find it everywhere you look.

Me: I can tell that won’t be easy.

My Heart: Why make things difficult when they don’t need to be?

Me: Is life supposed to go smoothly?

My Heart: More smoothly than you’ve expected. What happens when you really come alive?

Me: I find the comfort I’ve been seeking.

My Heart: When you embrace me, you embrace life itself.


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James Barnett

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