What’s on Your Mind? What’s on Your Heart?

These conversations with my heart can seem like “Dear Diary” entries. I especially enjoy the interactivity of the back and forth conversations.

What’s on Your Mind? What’s on Your Heart?

My Heart: What’s on your mind today?

Me: I’m annoyed.

My Heart: That’s interesting. I ask you what’s on your mind, and you mention an emotion you’re feeling.

Me: That’s what came to mind.

My Heart: I thought Vulcans weren’t supposed to experience emotions.

Me: And now my heart is expressing a thought.

My Heart: The mind and the heart are not as mutually exclusive as has been thought. There is some overlap. The mind can feel, and the heart can think.

Me: That’s definitely some food for thought.

My Heart: Why are you feeling annoyed today?

Me: It’s an anniversary today, 3 years since my girlfriend and I got together.

My Heart: Isn’t that cause for celebration?

Me: Yes, it definitely is.

My Heart: And?

Me: We’ve been away from each other for nearly a year. The whole long distance aspect hasn’t been getting easier.

My Heart: I know. You’ve had things to take care of in Canada, and you have been taking care of those things.

Me: Some of those things included meeting the requirements for a residency visa for Portugal. I don’t know how much longer it will be until my visa is ready and I can return to Portugal.

My Heart: Patience is considered a virtue.

Me: And I can see why that is. My girlfriend and I have gotten along so consistently well while we’ve been physically away from each other.

My Heart: Has it been a case of absence making the heart grow fonder?

Me: You tell me.

My Heart: Yes, the time apart has been extremely helpful for both of you. You’ve gotten to see each other from a fresh perspective. You’ve definitely grown in gratitude for each other.

Me: We’ve had our daily video calls, nearly every single day for nearly an entire year.

My Heart: You’ve shown up consistently. You’ve both grown a lot.

Me: It’s definitely encouraging. My girlfriend and I have a lot to catch up on as well when we are reunited.

My Heart: That includes the various projects you’re both wanting to work on together. You’ve been the specific support for each other that you’ve both been looking for.

Me: A solid foundation to build on for the rest of life.

My Heart: I asked you what’s on your mind, and you told me what’s on your heart instead.


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James Barnett

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