Microscopic Faith or Faith as Visible as a Mustard Seed?

I like to think of my heart as being a more mature version of myself. I consider my heart to be a mentor for me, and I enoy the conversations that we have.

Microscopic Faith or Faith as Visible as a Mustard Seed?

Me: I have long considered fear to be my biggest obstacle, but recently I’ve realized that doubt has been a bigger obstacle for me than fear.

My Heart: What are you going to do about that realization?

Me: It occurs to me that I can focus on the flip side of the coin.

My Heart: And look on the faith side instead?

Me: Exactly.

My Heart: You remember about the mustard seed.

Me: I do. A mustard seed is quite tiny, and faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains. The trouble is I’ve thought of my faith as being microscopic, which is still much smaller than a mustard seed. At least a mustard seed is visible.

My Heart: You don’t give yourself enough credit when it comes to faith.

Me: My credit hasn’t been the best, but why get a loan when I can buy something with cash instead?

My Heart: Now you’re running away with the analogy. Stay focused.

Me: I have allowed myself to get distracted far too easily. It’s been a lifelong weakness.

My Heart: Not always. There’s so many times where you’ve been extremely driven. You’ve had obsessions, both positive and negative. You’ve set goals and you’ve achieved what you were after.

Me: What does it take to have that focus again and to maintain it?

My Heart: Having such focus requires having faith the size of a mustard seed.

Me: How do I get there?

My Heart: By admitting you already have faith the size of a mustard seed.

Me: Is it really that simple?

My Heart: Of course it is. It’s a human tendency, disguised as maturity, that seeks to complicate matters which have always been best kept as simple as possible. Consider what a child’s solution would be to a problem.

Me: Like if people didn’t get legally married and only did common law marriage, then there wouldn’t be any divorces? That sort of simplicity?

My Heart: (chuckles) Perhaps.

Me: I have an idea for multiple series of posts, and I doubt that I have enough of value to add to the subject matter.

Your Heart: There’s doubt showing itself again. Like I said earlier, you don’t give yourself enough credit when it comes to faith.

Me: There is some silver lining to that storm cloud of doubt. By having this conversation, I realized what I can do specifically to add value to the subject matter for those multiple series of posts.

My Heart: And what will you do?

Me: I’ll keep you involved, and we’ll keep having these conversations. Now more than ever, I and as many people as possible need to make sure we connect and stay connected with our hearts. Faith comes from the heart, and life is supposed to be enjoyable. My life has only been enjoyable whenever I’ve been connected with you.


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James Barnett

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