Free to Be lyrics / poem by James Barnett

I’ve gone to the depths of despair
Wasn’t sure what I would find there
I’ve seen myself as worthless and hopeless
With nothing to give
With nothing left
I’ve thought the worst of myself
As if I’m somehow a villain
As if there’s no redemption for me

But even in the pit, I wasn’t alone
I sensed humanity right there
With me in the darkness
Reflecting off how I thought of myself
I’ve been depressed
And I haven’t seen the hope
Don’t know how I got through
Don’t know how I coped

My eyes were covered
And my ears were plugged
My hands were tied
And so were my feet
My mouth was covered
And I was wide asleep

There I was in the pit of despair
Nobody else could reach me there
Time passed by like I couldn’t care
A life went by
I carried on
Couldn’t see, move, hear, or speak
I thought I would die
In that miserable prison
Why would I know such a thing as freedom

Counting down the days
Of my unknown prison sentence
Didn’t know to expect anything positive
Sure is lovely to be wrong sometimes

You were there, and you rescued me
You untied me, and you helped me stand up
That was when you showed me a vision
Like I was really there
It was no superstition
You showed me what the future is like
You took me to the promised land
I get to see the value in me and in others

Then you took me out of the pit
And I got to be higher than all that
The vision started to be made real
I am alive for the first time ever
I’ve seen humanity right there
With me in the brightness
This is no mistake
We’re so full of love and made of love, too
We are aware that love is all there is
I am happy, and I’ve seen actual reality

My eyes are uncovered
And my ears are unplugged
My hands are untied
And so are my feet
My mouth is uncovered
And I am wide awake

I have full range of motion
And I am truly free
I’m gone from the pit
And I finally get to be me


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Until next time,

James Barnett

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