Inner Child lyrics / poem by James Barnett

Imagine what it’s like to be a child again
Before you had to go to school
Before you had to dress up and act cool
You simply got to play
That was the highest aim of each day
You had nothing to lose
You could make a fool of yourself
Because that’s what fun
Is sometimes about
You didn’t have to look good
It wasn’t so much about what
You should or shouldn’t do
You were free to be yourself
You were free to spread your joy
To everyone that you could

Oh, what happened between then and now
You’ve likely become a shadow
Of your former self
You used to be fun
You used to make sure to play
Oh, where has that gone
Could you be that child again
Let go and let loose
Without the constraints of adulthood
Allow yourself to feel good
Reconnect with the child within

You’re here to play
That’s what life is for
Let the child out to play
Anything less is cruelty
That much can be plain to see
With a certain frame of mind
It’s easy to become
Unbalanced without play
So what do you say
Do you consider it okay
To laugh and smile again
With such gleeful abandonment
You don’t have to be dull at all
Let your inner child out to play

A crucial part of growing up
Is reconnecting with your childhood
Letting my inner child out to play
Is how I grow up
Releasing my inner child helps me grow up

Oh, what does it look like
To make sure I play each day
What kinds of forms would that play take on
With unbounded imagination
I’m free to make believe
With a pure participation
I’ll see what I achieve
I’m able to grow up
By acknowledging all of who I am
I am the child and I am the man
I let my inner child out to play


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Until next time,

James Barnett

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