The Forgiveness Song lyrics / poem by James Barnett

I wrote a song of forgiveness
I showed that I can let go
I gave the gift to myself
The gift of freedom at long last
As surely as the wind blows
As surely as the sun shines
The scales fell off my eyes
I once was lost, but now I’m found
I once was blind, but now I see
Places I’ve never been before
It’s time to explore

It’s my birthright to forgive
I acknowledge what has happened
And I release the hold it had on me
That’s how I finally get to be free
What is this new sensation
That courses through my spirit
I’ve attained higher vibration
I’ve gone beyond my limits
Oh, what is this surprise
It’s something unfamiliar
And there’s no reason to fear it
It’s something to be welcomed
Embrace the goodness within
Cheer on the victory

There’s something building up within me
It’s crying out for expression
Fire burns within my bones
A forgiveness chant wells up inside me
The constraints of the past melt away
Anything is possible on this brand new day
I reap the harvest
Of what I’ve long been waiting for
The seeds of which were planted
Who knows how long ago
It’s the harvest of forgiveness
The place of making peace
So many promises come true
As I keep taking leaps of faith

I forgive myself
That’s where it all happens
I give myself what I’ve always needed
The acceptance comes from me
The tidal wave rises to wash me clean
The only way forward
Is with full responsibility
That I can plainly see
How my life goes has always been up to me
I chose my life
I chose all my circumstances
This acceptance is empowering

What does the rest of life look like
As I accept my own forgiveness
I am enough
Which means so is everyone else
I forgive myself
Which means I forgive others, too
I love and accept myself
And I get to share that love and acceptance
Anywhere and everywhere I can
I am free to create and customize
The grand story of my life

I forgive myself
I forgive you, too
And you and you and you
Are all forgiven, too
Forgiveness for us all
I am forgiven
You are forgiven

What was paid in hate
Is paid back in love
Hate is transformed into love
Through the power of forgiveness
What was intended to harm
Is transformed into healing
Post-traumatic growth is our way forward
I forgive me and I forgive you
This is the way that’s true
The healing of forgiveness

I forgive me
I forgive you
I forgive me
I forgive you
I forgive me
I forgive you
We are all forgiven
We are all forgiven
We are all forgiven


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Until next time,

James Barnett

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