Place of Acceptance lyrics / poem by James Barnett

What is there to say
Some grand, sweeping statement
That sums up all of life
Oh, sure, there’s been pressure to perform
I’ve got much to give
Then why do I withhold
That goes back to days of old
When what I had to give wasn’t wanted
Why wasn’t it wanted
Do people have a tough time receiving
That could be what it is
Yes, that could be what it is

I’ve known for so long
That there must be more to life than this
The surface level has never been enough
To interest me
I so easily get bored
I so easily get bored
Ever since my childhood
I sensed the greater goings on
That have been ignored
Oh, why have they been ignored
Why have they been ignored

The brainwashing runs deep
And it echoes throughout the halls
Of all society
There are more than enough
Resources for everyone
Then why do so many go without
Yes, why do so many go without
Why do so many go without

The intensity of feelings
Cries out for release
I’ve kept quiet too much
Been surrounded by too many
Who only seemed to only want me to be silent
What has it been with me
Yes, what has it been with me
I wanna break that pattern
Wouldn’t it be great
To have the freedom to speak
It really needs to be okay
To have some healthy expression
Oh, how is that going to be
Yes, how is that going to be

I get to ramble on
In the space of my own mind
Each thought, each freedom
Gets to be dearly mine
I long for enjoyment
And the peaceable acceptance
That can only come from within
As I give myself permission
I give myself permission to speak
I give myself permission to give
There are healthy patterns available
Yes, health is available

Acceptance from within
I love and respect myself
I love and accept myself
This is my starting point
Everything starts from here
This place of acceptance
I give myself acceptance
I have my acceptance


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Until next time,

James Barnett

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