Pollock Clinics Vasectomy Review: Permanent Birth Control for Men

I wouldn’t advise that every man get a vasectomy, but there are certain situations where it is helpful. Like when a man knows that he doesn’t want to have any biological children or any more biological children.

I got a vasectomy nearly 2 years ago, and it’s the best investment I’ve ever made. I’ll give you my review of the no scalpel, no needle vasectomy offered by Pollock Clinics. The one time procedure is permanent birth control for men.

Here’s what it was like for me…

Finding Out About Vasectomy

A co-worker told me about groups of men going together to get vasectomies in the state of California. They would make a day of it. Get the procedure done. Put ice on their balls afterwards. Like a day at the spa. No big deal, right?

I remembered that conversation. I had heard about vasectomies before, but I hadn’t looked into them to find out what they’re about. This got me curious.

Some women get their tubes tied, then they can’t get pregnant any more. That’s called tubal ligation. It’s really expensive. It’s invasive. It’s risky. And it can be tough to heal from afterwards.

Vasectomy is what some men get done so they can’t get women pregnant any more. Except the cost is really low. It’s not nearly as invasive as tubal ligation. It has its risks, but they’re manageable. And the healing can be done within a matter of days.

What is vasectomy?

Turns out men have tubes as well. Tubes that sperm passes through. These tubes are located in a man’s testicles. With the vasectomy at Pollock Clinics, a small puncture is made in the middle of the testicles. One tube is pulled out of each testicle, cut, burned shut, and put back in the testicles.

With the tubes being cut and burned shut, the sperm stays in the testicles instead of being shot out during ejaculation.

After the vasectomy, it’s necessary to ejaculate a certain number of times to empty out the sperm banks. Yes, ejaculation still happens after a vasectomy. Sperm makes up only 3% of the amount of the ejaculate.

After emptying out the sperm banks, a man gets his ejaculate tested to make sure that he is sterile. Then the result comes back from the lab and confirms that he is in fact now shooting blanks.

However, for the first 10 years after a vasectomy, there is a 1 in 3,000 chance that a man could get a woman pregnant if he doesn’t use a condom and doesn’t pull out in time. After those 10 years have passed, there is no longer the risk of getting a woman pregnant.

With vasectomy, a man’s balls do not get chopped off. He does not have less testosterone after the procedure, and he doesn’t have a lower sex drive. Yes, there are some wildly insane misconceptions and misunderstandings about what vasectomy is and what it involves.

One reason for sharing my experience is to do my part in helping the real information about vasectomy be known.

Choosing to Go Ahead With the Procedure

I am child-free by choice, so getting a vasectomy lines up perfectly with being honest with myself. I had given the idea of having children plenty of careful thought over many years. I have my own reasons for not being a dad. I’ve been told I would make a great dad, but I know it’s not for me.

So I did my research. I looked for where I could get a vasectomy, and one place showed up above all the rest. That place was Pollock Clinics. No needle, no scalpel vasectomy. Done in 6 minutes. Gentler than the regular vasectomy method. Only one small puncture. No stitches required. Low cost. Sign me up!

I was single at the time, so I didn’t have to discuss with anyone else about getting a vasectomy. I simply called Pollock Clinics, set the appointment for the procedure, and took the day off from work. The day of the surgery was a Friday. I would have the weekend to recover, and I could go back to work on Monday.

I was excited to get permanent birth control handled. I could hardly wait.

Then the day arrived.

Tubes Cut and Burned Shut

I had recently told some friends that it wasn’t a sacrifice at all for me to be child-free by choice. On the day of the vasectomy, the realization hit me like a piano had dropped on me from the sky.

It is a sacrifice to be child-free by choice. It really is.

But that’s okay because I knew that for me, a vasectomy is the right choice. I had some last minute nerves, and I pushed through them. I showed up early for my appointment, paid cash for the vasectomy, and received the post-vasectomy kit. The kit included ice packs, bottles for getting my ejaculate tested later, liquid soap, a razor, gauze, and the vasectomy information book.

I read through the vasectomy information book while I waited for Dr. Pollock to be ready for me. The information book covers possible side effects of vasectomy. So does the Pollock Clinics website for that matter. It helps to be well-informed before you get the procedure done. Know what you might be in for.

I was brought into the surgery room and prepped for the vasectomy.

Dr. Pollock trains other doctors in his vasectomy method. This way, the Pollock vasectomy method is being used in multiple countries and in multiple continents. That day, Dr. Pollock was training a doctor from another continent in his method.

Local freezing was applied, which felt like rubber bands being flicked on my balls. I was lying down, and I made sure not to watch what was going on. I heard various medical terms and understandable terms, too, as Dr. Pollock told the other doctor what was happening and what to be doing.

The local freezing did help. Otherwise, I would have felt more pain than I ended up feeling. Freezing, just like during dental work, only serves to lessen the pain to a certain extent. At least for me.

I got to feel what was happening and hear about it, too. The puncture was made. The tubes were pulled out. Cut. Burned shut.

When the tubes were being burned shut, I could smell the burning and feel it, too. I remember thinking, “What’s burning? Oh, right. That’s me!”

Then the tubes were put back in my balls. The bleeding was cleaned up. And that was it. The vasectomy was complete.

The Pollock vasectomy method is open-ended. Only one end of each tube is burned shut. A close-ended vasectomy is where both ends of the tubes are burned shut. With close-ended, it might be impossible to undo it. With an open-ended vasectomy, there is a chance, however unlikely, that a reverse vasectomy could be successfully accomplished. However, it’s best to think of a vasectomy as being permanent birth control for men, whether it’s open-ended or close-ended.

I stood up from the operating table after a few moments had passed. That’s when I realized I had now entered the recovery phase.

Physical and Mental Recovery

I was dizzy and nauseous. I didn’t feel well enough to go back home yet, so I was directed to one of the other rooms where I got to have a drink and protein bars. I had the day off from work. I wasn’t in a hurry to leave until I felt well enough to go.

I left once the dizziness and the nausea had calmed down enough. That was approximately 1 hour after the surgery.

Days later, I couldn’t help but notice that my penis and my testicles were drying out. I had never had that before. The condition was severe enough that I wondered if I was going to lose them completely. Either from falling off or from drying out until there was nothing of them left.

Thankfully, I got the idea to use my Aveeno moisturizer. It had oatmeal in it. It had a soothing effect, and it worked wonders. The drying out was completely reversed. I used the moisturizer at least once a day until I didn’t need to use it any more. I only needed to use it for a few days.

During the dryness, I also experienced post-vasectomy depression. The depression, like the dryness, was severe, too. I got through the depression by connecting more with genuine friends. I didn’t tell them what I was going through with the vasectomy and my recovery from it, but I did get a lot more open by sharing about other areas of my life.

I share about the dryness and the depression because I want men to know that they might face those same challenges after getting a vasectomy. I don’t remember finding out about the dryness and the depression until I experienced them myself. I had read about the various other possible side effects, but I didn’t experience any of those.

Pollock Clinics does recommend that you contact them after the vasectomy if you’re experiencing any side effects or any other difficulties. That support is included in the cost of the vasectomy.

I was relaxed about doing the necessary number of ejaculations to empty out my sperm banks over the next few months. I got my ejaculate tested at a lab, and the results were forwarded to Pollock Clinics.

I followed up with Pollock Clinics and found out that I am indeed sterile. I requested and received a copy of the lab results, too.

It’s been nearly 2 years since the vasectomy. I’m glad I did it. That’s one time in my life where I know I did the right thing.

Is Vasectomy the Right Option for You?

For any man who is child-free by choice, doesn’t want to have any biological children, or doesn’t want to have any more biological children, a vasectomy could be the right option for you.

If you’re single, then you might not have to talk it over with anyone before you go ahead and get a vasectomy. But if you’re not single, then it’s probably best that you talk it over with your partner first.

As a reminder, Pollock Clinics offers a no needle, no scalpel vasectomy. Done in 6 minutes. Gentler than the regular vasectomy method. Only one small puncture. No stitches required. Low cost.

If you are going to get a vasectomy, I recommend that you go to Pollock Clinics or find somewhere that uses the Pollock vasectomy method.

Until vasectomy can somehow be done entirely with lasers or some other futuristic, painless method, the Pollock vasectomy method is as close to painless as you can currently get for a vasectomy.

There is no referral required, and you can book your appointment for as soon as mere days from now.

I enjoyed my experience with Pollock Clinics. They provide an extremely valuable service, and they are gentle in their approach for what could otherwise be a much more traumatic procedure. I highly recommend them for their vasectomy service. I’m very glad that I chose to go with Pollock Clinics.

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James Barnett

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