There Are Always More Higher Levels in the Game of Life

The idea behind the title of this post can be expressed in other ways as well. As you make your progress up a mountain, the mountain keeps getting taller and the top of it keeps getting further away. Each problem solved reveals another problem to solve. It’s never-ending. There are always more higher levels in the game of life.

Does that mean it’s pointless to keep progressing, to keep leveling up?

Of course not. It’s simply that our potential is unlimited. We can always keep going. It’s more about the journey than the destination. And that’s okay.

Be creative. Share whatever gifts you can. Enjoy the journey, and enjoy these lyrics.

“Higher Levels” lyrics / poem by James Barnett

Feels like I’m dead inside
Really need to come alive
I keep on slipping back
Into the same familiar patterns
The oldness and the repetition
Drive me almost over the edge
The abyss of hopelessness and despair
Stares back at me
As I stare into it
Reminds me that the biggest effort
In lifting off
Is just to get off the ground
Countdown to ignition

T-minus 10
Oh, here we go again
Another liftoff attempt
Could it be the same result
Or could this time be different
Please let it be different
9, 8, 7
Arriving at the moment of truth
No more lies
The veil drops away
So I can see clearly now
Even though I wonder how
6, 5, 4
Tell me what’s the score
Could there be more
To this life I’ve been leading
Or have I been following all the while
The countdown continues
3, 2, 1
Blastoff achieved
Lifting off the ground
Heading towards space
Am I imagining things
Or is this really happening

Am I in a different place
For a change of pace
Has this really come about
I’m still not sure I believe it
I’m in a state of shock
Could it be I’ve made this achievement
Bursting forth into another realm
Rising ever higher
Could this be my new standard
I could get used to this
Life didn’t have to stay the same
I get to experience
Changes and transformations
At long last
Finally there gets to be something else

Demanding that I
Step forth from within
And fully embody
My higher self
My higher self
Launching, taking action
Brings tremendous satisfaction
Expanding the limits
Of what I thought was possible
Encouraging progress
Not everything needs a roadblock
Especially when I’m high above the ground
Quite the different perspective from up here
I can see solutions that I never saw before
I’m energized, I’m supercharged
I’ve blasted off
I’m ascending to higher levels
Ascending to higher levels
Higher levels


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Until next time,

James Barnett

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2 thoughts on “There Are Always More Higher Levels in the Game of Life”

  1. I certainly get the impression of being in a rocket ship. Thinking of astronauts, it took tremendous courage, confidence, and trust to go beyond where they had not been before. They had a lot of years of training and experience. They had an inner drive. Just as you do. Like many of us do to keep going higher and further in our lives. Good for you, James, for putting your feelings and thoughts into a poem or lyrics which goes beyond normal, every day expression.

    1. Thank you, Maisie, for your support, including with your comments such as this one. Yes, it takes an inner drive to “keep going higher and further in our lives.” Thank you, too, for putting your feelings and thoughts into writing over the years. That gave me an example to follow. You are an inspiration.

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